How to check your indicators are working

Answer: How to check your indicators are working

There are 2 ways you can check that the direction indicator lights are working.  The easiest way is to press the hazard warning light switch, and walk around the car to check the individual lights are working.  There are 2 lights at the front of the car, 2 at the rear, and 1 on each side (either on the door mirrors or the front wing).  The second way is to apply the indicators individually, so apply the left indicator and check the left side of the car, then apply the right indicator and check the right side of the car.

Why do you need to check your indicators are working?

It is really important to check your indicators are working.  Imagine you wanted to pull over to the side of the road, and there’s a car following you quite closely. You indicate to tell the driver behind that you intend to stop, but without knowing it, your indicator light at the rear isn’t working.  How might this affect the car behind?  How Will the driver behind know you’re going stop?  Will the driver be able to slow enough to avoid having an accident with you?

This is just one of many, many possible scenarios that could happen if you’re indicator lights are not working.

How often should I check my indicator lights?

As I guide, I would recommend to check your indicator lights at least weekly, but take any opportunity you can to check them.  For example, when you get in your car, if you have a remote central locking key, when you press it, the indicator lights normally come on so you could check then.  You may see a reflection of your car somewhere, possibly in a shop window, you could use this to check your lights.

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