How to check the parking brake (handbrake) for excessive wear

Driving Lesson Questions

  1. Q. Show Me how to check the parking brake (handbrake) for excessive wear, make sure you keep safe control of the vehicle.


To check the handbrake, you should firstly press firmly on the footbrake.  This will ensure that the car doesn’t move whilst you’re performing the check.  Then all you need to do is release the handbrake, then reapply it, ensuring that it is secure and does not come to the end of the working travel.  All I mean by ‘not coming to the end of the working travel’ is that the handbrake does not come too far up. You can then release the footbrake.

Why Do I need to check the Hand Brake for Wear?

Regular checks to the handbrake are important to ensure the car remains secure when you intend it to be.  Failure to check the handbrake may mean that one day, you park on a hill, then return to find your car not where you expect it, possibly having rolled back into a nice, expensive car behind!

How often should I check my handbrake?

As I guide, I would recommend to check your handbrake at least weekly, but really you could be checking it on a daily basis, as every time you drive you will need to use your handbrake, so you might as well check it regularly.

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