Driving Lesson Prices in Stoke on Trent & Newcastle

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Here at Drive Ahead we want to offer some of the best driving lesson prices in Stoke & Newcastle.

If you are new to Drive Ahead we’ll start you off with a 90 minute lesson!

For the new learner with no previous experience, this 90 minute lesson gives a great taster as to what to expect from your driving lessons, and make sure you’re happy with your driving instructor.

For learners with some previous experience, the 90 minute lesson will help you to get used to your driving instructor and their car, and allows your instructor to see exactly what you can do already, so they know what we need to do to help you get to your driving test

PLUS – all of our learners get free unlimited online theory training!

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that you will actually get to drive the car on your first driving lesson. We’re so confident, that if you’re not driving, you will get that lesson free of charge!

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