How to find a driving instructor in Stoke on Trent

So, you’ve been searching around for the best deals, but how do you know you’re going to get a good driving instructor? This post will help you to find a driving instructor in Stoke on Trent.

Approved Driving Instructor

Find a driving instructor in Stoke on Trent.
, is your driving instructor an ADI or a PDI? Confused already? Well here’s the difference:

drive-ahead-carAn ADI is an approved driving instructor who has passed all of the relevant tests to become an instructor, and will be included on the Driving Standards Agency register of instructors. You’ll know if your driving instructor is an ADI as they’ll be displaying a green badge in the front window of their car.

A PDI is a Potential Driving Instructor who has yet to pass all of their qualifying exams. They will still be in training themselves, but have been given permission to teach driving lessons for money. They will display a pink badge in their front window. A PDI may go on to fail their final exams and may never go on to become an Approved Driving Instructor!

Our Driving Instructors are All ‘Approved Driving Instructors’

So which would you prefer, a full trained professional driving instructor, or one which is still learning?

All of our driving instructors at Drive Ahead School of Motoring are ADI’s, which means you’ll only have lessons with a fully qualified driving instructor. Our mission is to provide the best driving lessons that we can, so we do not support the PDI trainee license as their training may not be up to the standards that we would expect.

when was the last time your driving instructor took additional training or CPD (continuous professional development) to make sure that they are using the most recent instructional techniques?

At present there is no requirement for an instructor to take additional training after they have passed their qualifying exams. That means you may learn with an instructor that qualified 5, 10, 20 years ago or more and has never looked at improving the way they teach.

Drive Ahead Instructors refresh their skills several time per year

At Drive Ahead we use the most recent Client Centred Learning techniques, and our driving instructors on average complete at least 5 days per year of additional training to ensure we provide you, the learner, with the best tuition we can, whilst keeping up to date with all of the most modern techniques!

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