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Q. Show Me how you would check the horn is working (off road only)

Answer: how to check the horn is working

To check the horn, all you need to do is press it and listen to make sure it works. With certain makes of cars, you may need to turn the ignition on first. If you are taking your driving test at a test centre without a car park, and are parked on the road, you may be asked to just point to where you would press to make the horn work. The reason for this is that the horn should only be used as a warning, and if you were to use it on the road, you may confuse other road users.

Why should this check be done?

The horn is a safety feature of the car, and needs to be checked periodically to ensure it is working. Imagine you arrive at a situation where the horn may be needed and it doesn’t function. The result may be that you weren’t able to warn other road users of the potential danger.

How often should I check my horn?

As I guide, I would recommend to check your handbrake at least monthly, but really you could be checking it on a weekly basis, as you never know when the need to use your horn may arise.

Are you looking for driving lessons in Stoke on Trent?

When learning to drive in Stoke on Trent or Newcastle, your driving instructor will help you to prepare for the Show Me Tell Me questions. To book a driving lesson with Drive Ahead please call today on 01782 906010 or visit our website www.driveahead.co.uk

Turning Right Using a Gyratory / Spiral Roundabout – Longport, Stoke on Trent

This video shows you how to turn right when using a gyratory or spiral roundabout.  The roundabout I used in this video is Longport roundabout in Stoke on Trent.  When you take your driving lessons in Stoke on Trent it is pretty certain you’ll come across this roundabout at some point.

Approaching to turn left

As with any roundabout, when you are driving towards this roundabout you will be positioned in the left lane, signalling left, and keeping close towards the kerb towards the first exit.

Approaching to go ahead

As this is a busy roundabout you may use both lanes on the approach to travel ahead at the roundabout.  If you are driving in the left lane you must stay around the left (outside) of the roundabout.  If you approach in the right hand lane to go ahead, then initially you enter the roundabout towards the right.  It’s then important that as you are driving around the roundabout you watch for the road markings as you will need spiral towards the centre lane as you get part way around the roundabout.

Approaching to turn right

When you approach a gyratory roundabout to turn right you will approach in the right hand lane.  As you drive onto the roundabout you will be positioned to the right, this lane will then split into 2 lanes.  The first lane is road marked to go ahead and right, and the right lane is marked right only.  Whenever there is a choice of lanes to go to the same direction, in this instance both lanes are available to turn right, you should always use the left of the 2 lanes.  The 2nd lane is used for overtaking or if you need to drive all the way around the roundabout.  The video above shows how to correctly negotiate this roundabout when you’re turning right.

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Driving Lessons in Newcastle Under Lyme

Congratulations on Passing your Driving Test Bijal

Bijal Passed with Drive Ahead School of Motoring

Bijal Passed with Drive Ahead School of Motoring

Congratulations to Bijal Shah who passed her driving test at Newcastle Test Centre on 30th March 2012.  Bijal had being taking driving lessons for a while, although she took two breaks whilst learning to have her 2 lovely children. We’d like to wish Bijal all the best as she is moving to London next week, and this was her final chance to pass her driving test in Newcastle under Lyme.

Well done Bijal, and good luck from Dave and all at Drive Ahead School Of Motoring!

Learn to Drive in Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Here at Drive Ahead, we appreciate that our learners have busy lives and so we always try hard to accomodate every circumstance that life throws at us. So we will always make every effort to try to arrange your Driving Lessons to suit you.  So, if you live in Newcastle-Under Lyme and are looking for a caring and affordable driving school, then be sure to give us a call.  Don’t worry if you don’t live in the Centre of Newcastle, we cover the whole borough.  If you live in Knutton, Silverdale, Keele or Kidsgrove we can still teach you, no problem.

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