The New DSA’s driving theory test

On the 23rd January 2012 the DSA (Driver standards Agency) made some changes to the U.K driving theory test.  There has been loads of rumours flying around as to what has changed and most are very far from the truth.

The format of the theory test is exactly the same as it has been for the last couple of years which is:

50 multi-choice questions, to pass this section you must get 43 correct

13 hazard perception clips, 11 with 1 hazard and 2 with 2 hazards, giving a total of 75 available points, and to pass you must score 45 or more.

The New DSA’s Driving Theory Test

The only change to the theory test is that the DSA is no longer publishing the questions that will be asked during the test.  Previously, you could buy a book, CD, or go online and see every single question that would be asked on your test.  The problem with that is many people would just learn which answers matched the questions, without getting an understanding of what was being asked.


Download the Driving Theory Test App

The questions that will be asked will be very similar to those asked before, but it’s important now that you understand what you are learning, and not just memorising the questions and answers.  The DSA has published a new set of learning aids including books, CD’s, and even an iPhone app.  More information on these publications can be found at or by going the App Store and searching DSA theory