How To… Reginald Mitchell Way

The First Roundabout

After exiting the A500 you’ll approach the first roundabout. There are no road markings on the approach to the roundabout, but there are 3 lanes. The road widens quite late here, and it’s important to keep to the left lane here to follow the road ahead. There is no left turn at this roundabout so the road ahead is the first exit. As you enter the roundabout keep to the far left and take the exit ahead of you

Approaching the Second Roundabout

This is the one that catches people out, although the road markings and signs are very good and clear on the approach. If you’re following the road ahead then you should normally use the middle lane on the approach to the roundabout. The left lane goes immediately left to the first exit, the middle lane goes ahead, and the right lane can either go ahead or turn to the right. When there’s multiple lanes approaching a junction, it’s important to take note of where every lane goes to and not just your own. This will help you to choose your lane as you enter the junction.

Entering the roundabout

The important thing as you enter the roundabout is to choose the correct lane. The left lane on the approach turns immediately left which leaves the middle lane and the right lane coming on to the main section of the roundabout. As you chose the middle lane on the approach, you will now choose the outer lane on the roundabout. The cars that used the right lane on the approach will use the right lane on the roundabout. You now just need to follow the lane and take the second exit

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