How To… Hanford Roundabout

How to turn right at Hanford Roundabout

Hanford Roundabout (ST4 area)

Hanford Roundabout is a common junction that people get confused with when taking their driving test at Newcastle Under Lyme. In this video we show you how to turn right towards Trent Vale and Newcastle. We will be approaching from the A500 southbound. You may also approach it after coming down Campbell Road in Stoke.

The first important thing is to realise that it’s this particular roundabout that you’re approaching. Most other junctions have recognisable surroundings that help you to remember what you’ve been taught. If you’re not familiar with the area, there’s not much round here to identify it. The main things to look out for are the Knights BMW and Mini car garage and the big Sainsburys distribution centre on the left hand side.

The approach…

As you approach the roundabout there are 3 lanes. The left lane turns left towards Trentham, A34S. The right lane can be used to turn right towards Newcastle, A34N. The middle lane is marked A34N and A34S, so can be used to turn either left or right. For this example we’re going to use the middle lane to turn right.

Usually, if you’re turning right at a junction you’d expect to keep to the right. But for this one, as you’re leaving the dual carriageway keep left. The left lane then widens into 2, making 3 lanes altogether. Use the middle lane to turn right (3rd exit). As you enter the roundabout, at the next set of traffic lights, there are 2 lanes. Traffic approaching the roundabout from the middle lane (where you are) moves to the left lane. Traffic approaching on the right lane keeps to the right. As you progress further around the roundabout past the traffic lights, the road widens into 4 lanes. If we number them from left to right, 1 to 4, we want to head into lane 1. It’s very important that you don’t move into any other lanes to your right. These are for vehicles travelling in different directions. The cars that approached the roundabout alongside you in the right lane will now be in lane 2.

As you leave the roundabout…

As you exit the roundabout you will be in the left lane and the cars that started on your right will be in the right lane. Now, this tutorial has had you using the middle lane on the approach. There is nothing wrong with using the right lane, although that is normally used to overtake. It is rare that you’d be overtaking anyone approaching this roundabout. If you do find yourself in the right lane then just follow lane 2 all the way around the roundabout and exit in the right lane. It’s very important though that you move back to the left lane at the earliest safe opportunity, unless you are overtaking cars on your left.

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