How To… Hanchurch Traffic Lights

This video has 2 parts to it. The first is turning right at the traffic lights, the second is turning right at the J15 roundabout.

The traffic lights

As you approach the lights from Trentham, they look like any other traffic light controlled crossroads. What makes them a little more difficult is that the roads aren’t straight in line with each other. This means that if you’re turning right and there’s oncoming traffic then you need to be very careful about where you’re positioned in the road. If you progress too far forwards then you will be blocking the path for oncoming cars that want to continue ahead. So, what you need to do is to edge forwards carefully and wait level with the kerb edge. This means that you don’t block any oncoming traffic and, if it’s really busy and you’re unable to make the turn, then you’re still in a safe position to continue to wait. If you take a look at the video it should help to explain this a little more

The roundabout

This is a very busy roundabout as it links the A500 to the M6 Motorway. One of the most important things about this roundabout is the exit. There are 3 lanes on the exit, so as you pass exit 2 you need to do a really thorough rear view and left mirror check (possibly more than once if it’s busy) to check there’s nothing coming alongside you so you can exit safely into the left lane.

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