How To… Festival Park Roundabout

How to deal with Festival Park Roundabout

Festival Park, Hanley

One of the biggest problems with this roundabout is that some drivers use the wrong lane on the approach, and then don’t keep to their lane once they enter the roundabout. So here’s how it should be done…

As you approach the roundabout there are 3 lanes to choose from. The left lane only turns left towards Cobridge, the middle lane goes ahead only towards the City Centre, and the right lane can either go ahead towards the City Centre or turn right towards Etruria and Newcastle.

Going Ahead Towards Hanley/City Centre

When travelling ahead (2nd exit) towards Hanley and the City Centre there’s a choice of using either the middle lane or the right lane on the approach to go ahead at the roundabout. The normal lane to choose here would be the middle lane. You would use the right lane if the middle one was busy and you were overtaking.

So, let’s assume you’ve approached the roundabout in the middle lane. As you enter the roundabout, your lane flows to the left lane on the roundabout, which takes you to the 2nd exit.If you have chosen the right lane to go ahead, as you enter the roundabout select the middle lane. Follow the lane to the 2nd exit, coming off in the right lane.

Turning Right towards Etruria and Newcastle

When turning right (3rd exit) towards Etruria and Newcastle you must approach the roundabout in the right lane. As you enter the roundabout you can select either the middle or the right lane. If you have chosen the middle lane, follow it until you reach the 3rd exit, coming off in the left lane. If you have chosen to use the right lane, follow it around to the 3rd exit, coming off in the right lane.

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