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Passed your Test? Now take pass plusJust passed your test?

Did you know new drivers are the most vulnerable and at greatest risk of having an accident within the first 2 years after passing their driving test?  The Pass Plus course was developed for new drivers to help them become better drivers and to reduce the likelihood of them having an accident.

What is the Pass Plus course?

The Pass Plus course consists of 6 modules which are conducted over 6 hours. The modules are as follows:

Module 1 – Introduction and Town Driving

The first module is to help you develop your skills around the town. Your instructor will develop your observational skills and make you more aware of what hazards you could encounter around the town.

You’ll learn how to plan and drive effectively to avoid any potential dangers. They’ll also help you to recognise different junctions and road types, and how to deal with them safely.

Module 2 – All-Weather Driving

The second module will get you prepared for all weather situations. Your instructor will talk to you about the importance of maintaining your car, and the effects poor maintenance may have when driving in different weather types.

Instructors tell you about the different lights on the car, how to operate them, and the appropriate times to use them.

You’ll learn about different types of skidding and how to avoid skids happening, and also how you should adjust your speed to different conditions, and how your stopping distance will be affected.

Module 3 – Out of Town Driving & Rural Roads

The third module will prepare you for driving out of town and in the countryside. At the end of this module you’ll be able to identify the different hazards encountered on rural roads, how to overtake and make good progress, and how to increase your observational skills to prepare for hazards in both middle and long distance vision.

Module 4 – Night Driving

The fourth module will prepare you for driving at night. You’ll know which lights to use and when. You’ll learn about the need to adjust your speed to light conditions and what you should take into account to ensure you can stop safely.

At night it’s important to recognise different hazards, and be aware that some things aren’t as clear at night time. You will also learn the correct rules and regulations when parking your car at night.

Module 5 – Dual Carriageways

Dual carriageways usually involve fast moving traffic, with speed limits often up to 70mph. You’ll learn how to join, leave, and turn on and off a dual carriageway safely.

You will develop your observational skills to plan further ahead, and anticipate what is happening on the road ahead. You will also learn when to overtake, and how to do it safely.

Module 6 – Motorways

At present, learners in the UK are not allowed to drive on motorways until after they have passed their driving test. Similarly to dual carriageways, traffic is often limited to 70mph, but the volumes of traffic are generally much higher, and there may be 3 or even 4 lanes of traffic travelling in each direction.

In this module you will learn how to safely join and leave a motorway, how to plan further ahead and react to changing traffic conditions, as well as the correct procedures to follow in the event of a breakdown.

What happens at the end of the Pass Plus course?

Once you have completed your 6 hours tuition you will normally have covered all of the above areas to a competent level. If you have, then your driving instructor will complete the report form.

There is no final test or exam,and so you cannot fail the course. Each module is divided into subsections and you will be marked as either ‘achieved’ or ‘excelled’ in each area.

If you have not reached an ‘achieved’ level in certain areas, your instructor may see it necessary to carry out more training in that area. Once all areas have reached a minimum of ‘achieved’ status, then your instructor will send off your form to the Driving Standards Agency who will then send you a certificate.

How much does the Pass Plus course cost?

The course normally costs £150. However, at present Staffordshire County Council are subsidising the cost of the course. All you have to do is to go on a council run workshop, which is free of charge.

The workshop is a 2 hour session run at various locations around the county. At the end of the workshop you will be given a letter with a discount voucher attached.

The amount of the discount is currently £70 throughout Stoke on Trent and the Staffordshire Moorlands.

All you need to do then, is to give your instructor the voucher and pay them the remaining balance.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, then please feel call us on 0800 8 10 10 11 / 01782 90 60 10, send an email to or fill in our call back form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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