How to… Keele Roundabout

Keele Roundabout

The Approach

This video explains how to deal with Keele Roundabout. This junction appears on some of the Newcastle Under Lyme test routes. We approach the roundabout having come down Keele bank from Keele University. We then turn right towards the Westlands and Clayton.

One of the main things that catches people out here is that the road goes from one lane to three lanes quite quickly before you get a good sight of the roundabout. The important thing to remember is that if you’re turning right you will need to be positioned in the right lane so get yourself there early. Take a look at the video to see exactly what we mean.

Entering the roundabout

As you’ve approached in the right lane you must enter the roundabout keeping right, close to the roundabout. As you pass the second exit, the lane you are in will spiral outwards. It’s important that you follow this lane and don’t remain close to the roundabout. Those lanes close to the roundabout are for cars heading back up towards Keele University.

Finally, the road markings will guide you towards the third exit. The exit is quite a straight road so don’t forget to turn your indicators off!

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