How To… Basford Roundabout

This video looks at approaching the roundabout from Basford and turning right on the roundabout towards the A500 southbound

The Approach

As you come down Basford bank towards the roundabout you must stay in the right lane which is road marked A500S. As you progress through the traffic lights and onto the roundabout you will remain on the right. However if you continue in that late it will head towards the A53 and Festival Park. As you start to come round the curve of the roundabout you will see another lane appear on the right marked A500S. It’s important you move across into this lane.

Change of Position

As you reach the next set of traffic lights you will see both lanes are road marked to go ahead towards the A500S exit. You could use either lane, but the left lane is the preferred lane unless you’re overtaking somebody. As you progress through the lights you’ll see the exit ahead of you.

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